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This Software is specially designed and developed to suit the requirements of General Traders, Retailers and Commission Agents. There are different versions for each Business Community developed in such way to maximize business automation.

Though we provide different and customized versions for each business model, the general information of the software is as below.

This software is very user friendly, Self explainatory & very easy to use.

The Software is password protected. Different users can have different access levels. In simple example, person preparing bill / invoice at counter can not access information regarding accounts, purchase, etc.

A Dashboard is provided for owner / key person of the business, displaying the updated information about sale, purchase, receipts, payments, bank & cash balances, party balances, stock, etc. It also shows important dates such as return filing, licenses renewal, insurance renewal and many more statutory compliance dates. Alerts can be set. Access to Dashboard is also password protected.

In this menu driven application, you can create masters for Parties (Suppliers and Customers), Items or Goods of Trade, Bank Accounts, etc.

Under Purchase menu, you can record your entire purchase transactions, beginning with your Purchase Order, Delivery Challen (Purchase), Invoice (Purchase) & Purchase Returns. Similarly, under Sales menu, entries of customer’s Purchase Order, your Delivery Challen (Sales), your Invoice (Sales) & Sales Returns can be recorded. Inventory is auto updated and high / low stock warnings are generated. The Software moniters the average procurement period and average sale of each item and on that basis it tells you the minimum & maximum stock requirements.

Under Receipt / Payment menu, receipt and payment vouchers can be generated. These are linked with Sales / Purchase Invoices, so that bill to bill outstanding can be assessed.

All inventory related transactions (such as sales, purchase, etc.) are Bar Code enabled for speedy operations.

For traders carrying out repacking or minor processing activity, our utility under Batch menu is useful.

For traders carrying out “Adat” transactions in the premises of APMC, separate modules like Awak, Bill & Patti are provided.

Under Accounts menu, you can create vouchers of various types. Most of the vouchers are auto created from modules for Sales, Purchase, Receipts & Payment. Some sundry vouchers needed, can be created very easily. Using these voucher entries, you can maintain your accounts very neatly and accurately.

Reports generated are --

1) Sales Invoice, Delivery Challen, Purchase Order
2) Receipt Voucher, Payment Voucher
3) Sales Register
4) Purchase Register
5) Bills Payable
6) Bills Receivable
7) Party wise Credit Debit Statement
8) Party Account Statement
9) Sundry Debtors / Creditors List
10) Stock Statement
11) Patti Pending & Patti Payable (in Adat version only)
12) Billwise Statement of Hamali, Tolai, Levy, APMC Market Fee, Supervision Fee (in Adat version only)
13) Billwise Statement of Adat & TDS on Adat (in Adat version only)
14) GST Paid & Payable
15) CSV files needed for GST return filing
16) Day Book, Cash Book, Ledger, Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet, etc. & many more.

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