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SIS - Contract Management System

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This is a modular and expandable application specially designed for Civil Contractors engaged in Government / Semi-Government / related works. It has 3 Versions viz., Basic, Professional and Pro.

The Software is password protected. Different users can have different access levels.


Basic Version is mainly useful to store and analyze data related with the Tendering Process. Provision is made to enter the data / information right from publication of Tender Notice to withdrawal of Security Deposit. You can store each and every minute detail about the tender in this software.

You can enter the details regarding tender notice, office, period for purchase of Tender Form, Cost of Tender Form, Amount of EMD, SD, etc., Period for Submission / Uploading of Tender Document, Actual Date of Submission / Uploading, Receipt details of Tender Form, EMD, SD, etc. You can create a safe vault for set of documents to be submitting in Envelope No 1 for ease of tender submission. Also the date and venue of pre-bid meeting can be stored.

For Tenders in which you are successful, further details regarding letter for deposit of initial SD, details of this payment, work order No and date, Work Order Amount, Tender Amount, Above / Below percentage ( for B1 Tenders), Time Limit, Defect Liability Period, Work Commencement date, Stipulated date of Completion, etc. can be entered. If offer is rejected, application for Refund of EMD will be auto generated.

A separate folder is maintained for each new work and related correspondence is stored in that folder. Scanned images of any type of documents can also be stored for ready reference.

List of staff from controlling office such as J.E., Dy.E., E.E., etc. can be maintained. Daily reports by site in-charge can be stored.

Record of Minor Minerals used while executing the work is maintained to assess the Royalty Charges.

Details of Bills submitted to controlling office are stored. Gross Bill Amount, details of all deductions, cheque amount, RTGS details and date, etc. can be stored. For final bill, date of actual completion is stored. Also, after final bill, summery of all bills against a work is generated.

Apart from these functions, the application will remind you to apply for Time Limit Extension before one month of stipulated date of completion and Extension of Labour Insurance Policy (if necessary), apply of refund of Security Deposits / Performance Security Deposit / Part V Deposits on completion of work and on completion of Defect Liability Period.

Standard Formats of various types of applications are provided as master data and such applications can be auto generated whenever required.


In this Version, everything containing in the Basic Version is included. In addition to that a provision to prepare Estimate of the work, for which tender is to be submitted, can be prepared. This will help to submit calculated offer against the B1 tender. For B2 tenders, it will help to offer item rates. This facility can be of use for C / EPC tenders also.

The Professional Version will also give you the Material Requirement Statement necessary in execution of work.


This Version contains all facilities provided with the Professional Version and in addition to that a lot more features useful for every civil contractor. This version is an ERP software for Civil Contractors. Some of the features are enlisted below.

It maintains the record of Items in Bill on the basis of Scope of Work. This helps to calculate data for - (i) Certificate of Similar type of Work in last 3 years & (ii) Certificate of Quantity Executed.

Bid Capacity can be calculated on the basis of previous data entered.

Provision is made to enter list of other competitors and their quoted rates.

It maintains site-wise record of raw material purchases and their utilization. At any moment, you can assess the material inventory at any of your site / plant. Stage-wise Material Requirement can be calculated.

GPS location of your staff working on site.

Here, Site In-charge can submit daily report using Android Application. Using this facility, the site personnel can report daily measurements of work done. They can report materials received on site with details of Vehicle No, Material, Source, Quantity, Date & Time of arrival, etc. and also its utilization & balance material available at site. Visits of concerned Officers to the site, their remarks & instructions can also be reported. They can upload necessary photographs related to work.

Data regarding diesel cost of each vehicle can be recorded. For this purpose Android Application is to be used directly from Petrol Pump or from your storage.

Details of all expenses can be entered and analyzed work-wise. Expenses incurred on each vehicle, plant, machinery and output thereof can be recorded.

Vehicle-wise maintenance schedule can be stored. The same for Plant & Machinery, too. Reminders for Insurance Renewal Dates, FCR Dates, etc. can be set.

All types of Account Vouchers can be entered. All necessary Account Statements like Day Book, Cash Book, Ledger, P/L Account, Balance Sheet, CR-DR list, Royalty Records, GST Statements, etc. can be generated.

Work-wise cost break-up and profitability can be assessed.

A Dashboard is provided for owner / key person of the business, displaying the updated information about bills, purchases, receipts, payments, bank & cash balances, party balances, stock, etc. It also shows important dates such as return filing, licenses renewal, insurance renewal and many more statutory compliance dates. Alerts can be set. Access to Dashboard is password protected.

This is a limited list of features of this Application. There are many more useful features provided in this Application.

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